Tailored Cleaning Solutions & Healthcare Disinfection For top-tier medical cleaning services in Madison, WI. You can trust the expertise of MahlerClean!

Our team at MahlerClean is proud to provide exceptional medical cleaning services to the Madison community. Our team is skilled in the various aspects of healthcare cleaning, aligning with industry standards to ensure a safe and reliable environment for patients and healthcare providers.


MahlerClean is committed to maintaining the highest standards in healthcare cleaning. Our teams are well-versed with the necessary protocols, including the handling of biohazard waste, adherence to HIPAA regulations, and proper healthcare disinfection procedures. Partnering with our Madison team ensures a safe and dependable environment for patient care, allowing our clients to focus their attention on the safety of their patients and visitors.


  • Urgent Care Facilities: Our services extend to urgent care facilities where we ensure that all areas are cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of infectious disease. We understand the importance of cleanliness in these facilities, and we are dedicated to supporting them with our healthcare disinfection services.
  • Emergency Rooms: Our medical cleaning services in Madison maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of emergency rooms, which are vital spaces that require meticulous attention to detail.
  • Examination and Procedure Rooms: We take special care in cleaning exam and procedure rooms, utilizing high-quality cleaning materials that adhere to healthcare standards.
  • Nurses Stations: Nurses stations are crucial touchpoints in healthcare facilities. Our teams ensure these spaces are clean and properly disinfected, fostering a productive work environment.
  • Specialty Medical Suites: Our team offers healthcare disinfection services for Madison medical suites, including radiology, cardiology, orthopedic, infusion, and MRI suites, ensuring a clean and sanitized space for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Rehabilitation Suites: MahlerClean ensures rehab suites are clean and welcoming, fostering a safe recovery environment. We focus on sanitizing high-touch surfaces using eco-friendly agents, promoting health and well-being for all patients and staff.
  • Laboratories: We maintain sterile and organized laboratories, utilizing advanced cleaning technology to prevent cross-contamination and to protect the integrity of research activities.
  • Pharmacies: MahlerClean helps pharmacies maintain clean and safe spaces. Our teams focus on meticulously cleaning shelves, counters, and floors, ensuring a hygienic environment for the staff and their customers.
  • Specialty Rooms: Our medical cleaning services in Madison include the nuanced cleaning of specialty rooms, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for therapy and healing. We use non-toxic cleaning agents to prepare each room adequately for individualized care.
  • Terminal Cleans: MahlerClean specializes in terminal cleaning, offering intensive cleaning services after patient discharge or transfer. Our team adheres to industry standards, ensuring every room is sanitized and ready to provide the next patient with a clean, fresh setting.



Why Choose MahlerClean?

MahlerClean stands out for our quality services that provide our clients with clean convenience, making us the go-to choice for healthcare disinfection services in Madison. We pride ourselves on delivering detailed and prompt cleaning services, meeting the strictest industry standards.

We’re committed to ensuring a clean and safe healthcare facility environment. Our team upholds hygiene and cleanliness, ensuring your medical office or facility remains clean and germ-free.

Trust MahlerClean for reliable medical cleaning services in Madison.

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